Six Advantages of Epoxy Coatings

Your option of floor coating is a very important aspect of the productivity and safety of a facility. The correct floor coating should need only a little maintenance and must provide you with consistent and reliable foundation you need. The floor coating that is incorrectly applied or the wrong floor coating used, on the other hand, may cost you huge amount of time with unforeseen problems as well as time-consuming and very expensive repairs.

Advantages of Epoxy Coatings

An epoxy floor coating is usually used in automobile service locations or on the flooring of professional mechanics however, they are also an intensely useful commercial floor option for several industries. Mainly applied as sealants for concrete floorings, epoxy coatings provide a professional appearance and a high gloss of shine while giving the durability and strength necessary for industries as different as beverage and food plants, pharmaceutical plants and storage warehouses.

The following are some of the reasons why a facility may consider using an epoxy floor coating:

Epoxy offers a significantly shorter curing time.

If you are looking to decrease the production downtime together with the new flooring system, epoxy might be a quicker choice compared to some ordinary floor coatings. Always remember that it is not as quick as the processes like concrete polishing and it does need careful preparation of the surface in order to make sure that the epoxy coating properly adheres to the flooring. Having said that, once applied successfully, an epoxy coating might not be needing a replacement for several years.

Epoxy withstands chemical corrosion.

Aside from an epoxy coating durable enough to resist the continuous foot traffic of people, but also, it can be formulated to withstand some corrosive chemical agents. You can learn more about intense chemical resistance floor.

Epoxy actually needs low maintenance.

Once the epoxy is applied onto the surface, the concrete floor no longer stains easily and is no longer porous. Spilled fluids remain on the floor surface, where they are mopped up easily without even scrubbing. Less time spent in cleaning would mean fewer safety hazards and more productive worktime.

Its aesthetics may be personalized for your needs and desires.

Epoxy coatings may come in different colors and metallic hues therefore, it can match any company’s aesthetics perfectly. As a matter of fact, colors may be used for marked pathways and some other striping designations for security and safety.

Epoxy is adaptable.

Whether the garage flooring happens to be metal, vinyl, tile or concrete, you can definitely apply epoxy on it. There is no need to install new flooring made of a particular material prior to treating it with protective epoxy coverings.

An epoxy floor coating may keep your staff safe.

Not only is it resistant to staining and chemical corrosion, but it can also prevent growth of bacteria within the concrete. In addition to that, it resists damage from abrasion and impacts which can create tripping hazards as well as it can also have anti-slip textures as required. If you want to know more reasons why you should consider using epoxy coated flooring, then click here.